Recipes can be created and edited at "My Recipes".

When a recipe is created it is in state "private", it can only be seen by the author. To share a recipe it needs to be unlocked, this can be done with a click to the Icon.

It will be reviewed by us and, if everything is ok, unlocked.

Unfortunately this step is necessary as there are sometimes people uploading inappropriate content.

There are the following states:

  • - The recipe is private
  • - The recipe is being checked
  • - The recipe is unlocked and can be accessed with its URL by everyone
  • - The recipe is unlocked and is showed on the main page

When a recipe is edited, it will be checked again automatically.


In the editor the recipes are created by adding individual elements

  • Text
    • Title - Subtitle which will appear in bold font.
    • Text - Normal text.
    • Note - Notes can only be seen by the author.
  • Picture
  • Ingredient
  • Link - Other recipes can be linked through the recipes ID.

Attention: When the Icon is clicked, the element will be deleted without asking.

Changes are saved instantly.

At the bottom of the editor, tags can be selected to categorize the recipe


Everything is designed to work on computer and mobile, as most people don't have a computer in kitchen.

At every login the last visited page is shown, which allows to choose a recipe at computer and then seamlessly cook it in kitchen by using the mobile